elderElder Fraud - Scam artists take advantage of the elderly, especially when there is no one else around to intervene on their behalf. We have experience in providing a "timeline" of how these professionals get involved in the lives of the elderly and then slowly take over their assets until there is nothing left. This is a horrible crime directed towards our elderly population.

Psychic Fraud - An ever increasing field of fraud, Psychic's will play on your mind and spirit, controlling you without your knowledge or awareness. We have experience in dealing with this type of scam, collecting and obtaining the necessary information, witnesses, documentation and other forms of evidence to provide to the authorities. This will allow them to act on your behalf in obtaining criminal/civil warrants.

This is a serious mind game played by professionals skilled at reading into a person's moods and sensitivities, often at a time when the individual is very vulnerable. We have the sensitivity necessary to deal with this very emotional situation.